OUT OF EDEKA A film by Konstantin Faigle

Author and Director Konstatin Faigle

Director of Photography Michael Pfizenmaier, Roland Bauer

Sound Mixer Konstantin Faigle

Editor Gaby Kull-Neujahr

Assistant Director Amparo Jardón Rodriguez

Re-Recording Mixer Judith Nordbrock

Supervising Producer Björn Jensen

Producer Jörg Bundschuh

A Kick Film production in coproduction with BR, SWR

Financially supported by MFG

Konstantin spent almost twenty years of his life in an Edeka shop in a Swabian backwater. Out of Edeka is an exotic journey to the shop world of his parents and his own childhood. "The emotional proximity of the filmmaker to the film’s location prevents any kind of perfected objectivity to the people and events there. The almost tangible familiarity of the director with his protagonists makes for an approach that is affectionate, playful and funny, not to mention utterly lacking in respect. It is almost like a home movie. Director Konstatin Faigle successfully strikes a balance between the surreal visual imagery of his documentary and the tragicomic theme of growing up." (Jury comments for the Bavarian Documentary Film Award for Der Junge Löwe – The Young Lion)

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