Eileen Gray - Invitation to a Voyage

Eileen Gray was always ahead of her time. Thirty years after her death, she is still considered to be the very essence of the Modern. Everyone has seen her furniture, her famous Adjustable Table, the Lota Sofa, the Tube Light – but most people don’t really know the designer and architect behind them.
Born in 1878 to an aristocratic family of Irish-Scottish heritage, she first studied in London and then moved to Paris in 1902. Here she gained wide spread respect for her work. At the same time she enjoyed leading the bohemian lifestyle of an independent woman. She loved men and women, fast cars, airplanes, ships and traveling – and she revolutionized our idea of how we live. As an architect, she created one of the most famous homes of the twentieth century, the E.1027. The house in Roquebrune, just opposite Monte Carlo, mesmerized renowned fellow architect Le Corbusier from the moment he saw it until he died – his obsession for the building ended up destroying his friendship with Eileen Gray.
Eileen Gray passed away on October 31, 1976, in Paris – alone and virtually forgotten. Today her original furniture pieces fetch millions at auctions, and famous creative minds such as Yves St. Laurent are among her most devoted collectors. Replicas of her pieces are still considered avant-garde eighty years after their creation. Eileen Gray remains an icon of the Modern, and one of the twentieth century’s most fascinating women.

Author and DirectorJörg Bundschuh
Director of PhotographyRoland Wagner
EditorCarmen Kirchweger
ResearcherUndine Fraatz
Production ManagerJochen Binz
Supervising ProducerBjörn Jensen
Commissioning EditorsBrian Walsh(RTE), Marijke Huijbregts(AVRO)
ProducerJörg Bundschuh

A Kick Film production in coproduction with RTE, AVRO

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Eileen Gray - Invitation to a Voyage (2006) 60 min.
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